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High Quality White Box Computer Systems

Why buy a Brand Name system with proprietary parts?  Why get stuck with high priced repairs?   Well, we can't really answer that question.  That is why we have been selling White Box computers for years.

What is a White Box System?

White Box systems are typically Computer Systems built from generic off the shelf parts. Some White Box systems have performed excellently, some have failed miserablly.  The successes have been small companies that use quality parts.  The failures have been systems that were hurridly assembled out of the cheapest available parts.

How are our White Box Systems Different?

All or our White Box Systems are built with high quality, standard off the shelf parts.  They are custom assembled upon recieving your order and are burned in for 72 hours, cooled down and restarted to insure that there will be a 95% probability that your computer system will give you reliable service for years to come.  We won't send the system out the door to you until we have burned it in and insured that it works.  This also means that we can't beat cheap discount store prices, but you will receive a high quality system.

Where do we get our components

We purchase our systems and components from a large regional computer distributor who sells mainly A-Open components.  We prefer AMD based systems for the best performance for the price.  The AMD  Athlon processor will perform as well or better than similar Intel Celeron and Pentium P4 processors at a significantly lower price for most functions.  The AMD processors with it's 3D-NOW technology will outperform the Intel processors for graphics related functions.

Computer System Prices

All items and prices are subject to change without notice.  

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